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       NewBandMusic was formed in order to:
-provide band directors with an easy way to find and acquire high-quality new music
-provide self-published composers with a free way to have their music promoted

Note: has been mostly dormant since 2017. The site has had significant success, leading to hundreds of sales/performances and several publishing contracts, and pieces listed on our site ended up being honored as a winner or finalist in two Sousa-Ostwald Awards, the Frederick Fennell Prize, and the Barlow Endowment among other competitions.

That said, the pieces that were benefitting the most from our promotion ended up being similar (in both compositional style and composer demographics) to the kinds of pieces and composers that were already finding success in the band world. In addition, as time went by, our social media posts were being shown to fewer and fewer followers: during the first few years, roughly 40% of the Facebook group members would be shown our posts: In 2016, it dropped sharply and within a few months it was under 5%. The site still remains up: people are still visiting it, and even 1 sale per year makes it worth the domain cost. That said, there are now other organizations that are centered on the works of living composers, and they are able to do it more effectively than this site currently can. I highly suggest visiting those sites below:

Many of the band works originally listed on this site have found a home with Murphy Music Press, which publishes/distributes a substantial amount of music by younger composers.

And We Were Heard
records new music by composers from underrepresented groups and posts the recordings on their website. Interested directors/ensembles are also able to sign up to help produce these recordings.

The Wind Repertory Project has a large database of wind ensemble compositions and other band-related information

The Institute for Composer Diversity has a database where you can search for band works by composers from underrepresented groups. There are many valid complaints about the structure and management of ICD, but searching the database is still a good way to explore new music if you're willing to put in some work.